Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Birchbox!!!

I'm obviously late to this party, but I wanted to post about my very first Birchbox before February was over. Birchbox is a monthly beauty box subscription that sends you four to five deluxe samples every month for $10 based on a beauty profile that you complete on their website. You don't know what you will be receiving, so it's kind of like Christmas every month. :) Here is what I received in my February box...

A welcome card explaining Birchbox

I'm a sucker for great packaging & loved how it felt like I was unwrapping a gift!

 The loot!

The two things that I have tried so far I really, really liked. I had been wanting to try the Viva La Juicy perfume, but never did and I love it! Birchbox describes this scent as,  "Top notes of wild berries and sweet mandarin flirt with lady-like middle notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and gardenia. Warm base notes of caramel, amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and praline hover beneath it all." I'm thinking this could be my signature Spring/Summer scent. Jose loved this perfume so much on me that he requested I wear it - love that!

The other thing I tried was the Jouer Moisturizing Lipgloss in Birchbox Pink. I love. love. love. lipglosses, but when I opened the box my heart kind of sank because this color looked soooo bright. But when I put it on, it was perfect. It gave my lips a sheer wash of pink, but I definitely could have built up the color if I was going for a more intense look.

Things in my box that I received but haven't tried are a pack of stick on eyeliners, a sample of Colorscience foundation, & Showstoppers fashion tape in nude & black.  I thought the adhesive eyeliner was a little weird, but this would be something I would try for a fun night out, but I couldn't really see myself repurchasing. I haven't gotten around to trying the foundation, not sure if it's really even a match for me or not. The fashion tape could come in handy, but obviously I would need to be wearing something that I would need to use it with. My first thought was something a la J Lo at the Oscars, but the Birchbox website recommended using it for bra straps that may slip which is a good use I hadn't thought about before.  

All in all, I thought my Birchbox was pretty good for a first time. Granted, I have only used two things, but they were two things I could see myself purchasing in the future. I hope they keep getting better, next time I would love to see some more things along the lines of bath and body(lotion, etc.)

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What was your fave thing in your February box?


  1. I do, and to my Glam, birch box hasn't been my fave, but I get different stuff usually than other s

  2. @ Elle Sees - I want to try My Glam too, I've heard good things about it!