Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Pleasure Saturday & What I'm Reading

Makenna is in the 4th grade & has been playing basketball since last month. She has played other sports in the past, but hasn't showed real interest in any until now. Every Wednesday afternoon 4 teams made up of 4th & 5th grade girls from Makenna's school play against each other in the school gym. I try my best to be at all of her games, but if I can't because of what I may have going on at work that week her grandma stands in for me. :) I really look forward to these games each week. I have to say, these girls play way better than I expected. I thought there would be girls afraid of the ball or confusion over whose hoop is whose, but not at all. I love sitting in the bleachers and cheering for Kenna, telling her, "GET THOSE ARMS UP!! DEFENSE!" The week before last the Wildcats won their first game!! 16-9! I was so proud!  Last week when I told Makenna I wasn't going to be able to make it to her game, she told me, "Awww.....I think you're my good luck charm. We win when you're there." Love that kid. I'll be there this week. :)

So, it's time for the big reveal of what I'm reading now & what you could possibly win after I'm done! I'm currently reading, I Do, Now What?: Secrets, Stories, and Advice from a Madly-in-Love Couple by Bill & Giuliana Rancic.

I've loved this couple & their show for awhile now. Giuliana's recent battle with breast cancer made me admire them & their relationship even more after I saw with what class, dignity, & love they handled it. Review coming soon! Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend!