Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birthday Recap

I was so excited to start my blog on my birthday, that I kind of forgot to give details of my actual day! Let me start out by saying, sometimes my birthdays are bittersweet because I miss my family. I live in Northern Virginia, about 30 minutes from Washington, D.C. My daddy & stepmom, 2 brothers, & all their families live in Mississippi (where I was born and raised until I was 16). I also have another brother that lives in Michigan with his family. My mama passed away in June 2009 and I miss her everyday, but it's even more so around special occasions. Even though I miss my family, I'm blessed to have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, Makenna & my boyfriend, Jose, & our 2 Dachshunds, Oscar & Addie, here with me in VA. So my day started off with a text at 3am from my brother James telling me happy birthday. My brother is a truck driver so there is no telling what time zone he was in when he sent that. :) I went to work as usual and my co-workers (one is my best friend) took me out for lunch for my favorite - Mexican! Yummy! Then when I got home later that night, Jose, Makenna, & Claudia (Jose's daughter) took me to Chili's for dinner. I ordered their Oldtimer burger and everyone at the table cracked up. :) When we got home there were balloons, cards, & a birthday cake from Coldstone waiting for me. I have literally wanted this birthday cake for years and finally got - I was so happy & it was worth the wait! After we had been home for awhile I noticed that Addie was acting funny because she would only stay in the kitchen and kept looking up at the ceiling. I commented on it and everybody told me that she was scared because one of my balloons had popped earlier and she refused to go in the living room where they were - my poor baby! My balloons have been in the closet ever since Monday night so she feels safe again. :) Besides the fact that I may have to eventually pay for doggy therapy, I had a wonderful birthday! Here are some pics from my day....

Addie, prior to the need for therapy

Card From Addie & Oscar (A.K.A Skis & T's)

Card From Makenna

The most hilarious b-day card ever...I literally laughed so hard I cried

The balloons that struck fear in the heart of Addie
The "2" balloon popped...but how cute is the paw print one?!?

A Cheesecake Named Desire...mmmmmm

Can you find Oscar in this picture?

My first drink of year 29

What birthday is complete without chocolate?

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