Monday, November 14, 2011

Goin' To The Chapel

This weekend was one of the happiest of my life - I'M ENGAGED!!! Jose proposed on 11-11-11 and I said yes! First, let me give a little background of our dating history so the proposal makes more sense. The first time that Jose told me he loved me was at Union Station when I was dropping him off to go visit his parents in NJ. I got out of the car to hug him and I said I love you (I had been saying it for and he whispered in my ear, I love you too. It was a very special moment in our relationship and one we've both looked back on with fond memories. So we had discussed it and I knew a proposal was coming, but I didn't think it would be until the end of this year. For the last week or so, Jose had mentioned to me that he had an errand to do for his mom that required him to go to Union Station on Friday. I had the day off from work so he asked if I could go with him and wait in the car so he didn't have to worry about finding a parking space (if you've ever been to Union Station, you get this) :) so of course I said yes. He gets out of the car and walks around the back and then he opens my door and gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring. He says, "This is the first place I told you I loved you and I will always love you. Will you marry me?" I kept saying, "Oh my God" and finally I got out the word  As we were driving away, I called my best friend to tell her and I burst into tears on the phone. I guess it just took a minute to hit me that this was real and it had finally happened. I'm so thankful to have such a wonderful man in my life and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

My E-Ring

On our way to Union Station...

After we left Union Station we went to have lunch at an Italian place in Leesburg called Gallettas. This was the second time we had been there and it was as good as the first. We had the di Parma sandwiches and they are ah-mazing!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key since we had both of the girls, but we still took time to enjoy being newly engaged....

Funny, how we forgot to take a picture of us the day we got engaged, but we took a pic of our are some pics of us over the last year....

Christmas 2010 NYC

Bluemont Vineyards, Winter 2011
Odyssey Dinner Cruise, March 2011


  1. Glad to see u found someone that looks like me

  2. Gorgeous ring! Thanks again for stopping by, looking forward to reading more. :)